Vickie Kubeck - Freelance Artist

Rock Gardens

Rock Gardens are an excellent way of adding color to the hard to grow areas of your yard or garden.  They also make a great border for your walkway or centerpiece for your patio table.  Have the beauty of you favorite flowers all year round without the watering.  A lot of time, effort and detail goes into each piece as you will see when you receive one.

Each rock has a different shape with unique bumps and grooves making every one a custom piece of artwork.  Using the imperfections of the rock adds dimension and character to the flowers and greenery, this allows me to create a one-of-a-kind piece every time even though I'm repeating a specific flower.  You can choose from my selection in my photo gallery or request one of you own favorite flowers.

All rocks are washed with soap and water then dried and brought to room temperature before painting.  Next they get 2 coats of black patio paint as a base color, then the design is drawn on with chalk, painted and detailed.  All my rocks are hand painted by me and detailed from top to bottom using up to 20 colors per piece.  A final two coats of clear is applied to help protect the color and seal it.